Needle free acupuncture

It is possible and sometimes preferable to stimulate acupuncture points, channels or other areas of the body with alternatives to needles. I frequently employ other tools, materials and techniques, where desirable, with very powerful effects. These include:

  • teishin

  • shonishin

  • seed stimulation

  • moxibustion

  • cupping

  • acupressure and massage

Needle free acupuncture.

One alternative to the acupuncture needle is a tool called the teishin. This is used for sensitive patients, children or those with a needle phobia. It is normally made from silver or is gold plated. It is used on acupuncture points in preference to needles. It is not inserted but merely held to the point, contacting the skin. As with many of the other techniques the effects are powerful and can often be felt immediately (for instance, when treating stiff neck)

Shonishin - children's treatment.

For the treatment of babies, children and some teens, a number of metal tools are used to stroke, tap and press on the body. Click here to find out more about childrens treatment.

Needle free - the benefits.

Needle free treatments are effective for anyone but are particularly useful for the following:

  • Children.

  • Sensitive patients (those who react strongly to any form of treatment).

  • Needle phobic people.

  • Anyone who has previously had adverse reactions to acupuncture.

Some of the tools

Seed stimulation.

Many of my patients receive some of this to help prolong treatment effects. It is very effective and improvement in pain and stiffness can often be felt immediately.

Seeds, magnets or metal discs are placed on the skin (commonly ear or hand) and kept in place for several days with plasters.