My Style of Acupuncture

My style of acupuncture, based on various Japanese systems (paricularly Toyohari), is essentially about giving the most effective and comfortable experience possible. It will always be tailored towards the individual so that no two people will ever receive the same treatment.

Sensitive patients including: children; the very anxious; people with certain types of conditions and people who respond strongly to stimuli generally will tend to require very gentle treatment. I will often use specially adapted tools and tehniques in these cases instead of needles. To find out more about 'needle free acupuncture' click here.

Most people tolerate my acupuncture very well as I only use the very finest of needles possible. In any case sensation is minimal or non existant.

Japanese Acupuncture

Whilst not widely practiced in this country there is nevertheless a building interest in the subtle and gentle techniques of Japanese acupuncture.

The term actually encompasses a wide range of approaches – there are several different styles practiced within Japan. These styles differ in some respects, however they hve many common features:

  • Japanese acupuncture is noted for the use of very fine (narrow diameter) needles. These may be as fine as 0.12mm diameter - not much thicker than a hair.

  • Direct moxa is used frequently (burning of minute quantities of herb directly on acupuncture points for therapeutic effect.) - especially beneficial for immune related and many chronic disorders.

  • Magnets, seeds or metal pellets are employed to boost treatment effects - these can be taped onto the skin.

  • Strong sensation in treatment is avoided

  • Touch diagnosis normally plays a central role.


The gentlest - I am toyohari trained and as such, able to offer what is among the gentlest of acupuncture experiences available. 'I didnt know that you had even used a needle' and 'I only felt your fingers' are common comments. Treatment is always a comfortable and relaxing experience and most patients find it a very pleasant one.


Toyohari is a form of acupuncture initially pioneered by blind Japanese acupuncturist. It is noted for the development of techniques which do not require needle insertion. Needles, or sometimes needle substitutes, are used - but they contact the acupuncture point either by hovering close to the surface of, or just touching the skin. There are many unusual and very powerful techniques associated with this form of acupuncture and they are suitable for anyone including those who have had uncomfortable experience with other forms of acupuncture. To find out more about the amazing Toyohari style visit the website here