Children's Treatment
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What is shonishin?

Shonishin is a highly effective and very gentle, enjoyable form of therapy. A wide collection of tools and techniques are employed as an alternative to needles. It can be used for any condition that acupuncture is used for.

How is it different to normal acupuncture?

Recognising that children find needles scary and that nervous or frightened children do not respond well to treatment, the Japanese have developed a number of tools and techniques specific to the treatment of young patients.

Needles are not normally inserted - especially in younger children and babies. Instead a variety of metal and wooden implements are employed in subtle and very gentle pressing stroking and tapping movements on the skin.

Treatment is always taken at whatever pace the young patient is comfortable with.


Advantages of Shonishin.

Most of the techniques are simple and easily taught to parents and carers. Household items (such as metal spoons) can be used to do them. This allows parents/carers to be more involved and have greater control in their childs health and also speeds up the process of recovery.

How long does treatment take?

Children respond very quickly to small doses of treatment so very little treatment time is needed (as little as 5 or 10 minutes with younger patients), although much more time may be taken up with persuasion, humouring etc. 45 minutes of time is allotted and during this time simple and effective home treatments can be taught.

Shonishin or childrens treatment.

These are some of the tools used to carry out treatment for. The four on the left are called teishin and are used for stimulating acupuncture points with gentle pressure. The next instrument, a herabari, is used for lightly tapping the skin. The next two are respectively the yoneyama and chokishin which are used for softly rubbing and stroking the skin. The right hand most tool is called a tiger warmer and is designed for applying simultaneous heat and pressure to acupuncture points. None of the tools are designed for insertion and treatment is completely pain free, comfortable and even enjoyable.